Sai Dispensary

In August 2000, Swami GopalKrishna told a small gathering of his devotees that he had a plan to build a dispensary which offered much needed medical attention to the poorest of the poor in the surrounding neighborhoods. I was present during that private meeting with Swami. It was at that time that I committed to support his selfless goal with the resources of the Dharma Trust. With Swami’s infinite grace the Sai Dispensary was inaugurated just 3 months later on the Birthday of Bhagavan Sathya Sai Baba (November 23rd) 2000.

Currently, The Sai GopalKrishna Dispensary has been serving the poor for free for over 2 years now. The center is open seven days and has a staff of professional doctors and nurses as well as a blood and urine lab. Gynecological help is offered as well.

“Food, water, and good medical treatment should be provided for all people regardless of race, age, or station”, says Swami GopalKrishna. “ For a great healing atmosphere a medical establishment must have a feeling of love, warmth, and caring.” Indeed at the Sai dispensary this is equally important as the prescriptions themselves.