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The Dispensary in Girinagar Bangalore

The Medical Dispensary

One of the most rewarding projects I have been involved in has been the Swami Gopal Krishna medical dispensary for the poor in Girinagar , Bangalore.  Here is the story of how that came to be.

It is not through performing penance
or going to places of pilgrimage
or studying sacred texts
that one is able to cross the ocean of worldly life.
It is only through service to the good
that you attain the ultimate goal of life.
(Sanskrit Verse)


In August of 2000 I first met GopalaKrishna Swami.  In that first meeting he had the idea to build a medical dispensary for free medical service for the poorest of the poor.  I felt compelled to help with this noble mission.  This began the project to build and staff the GKS Medical dispensary. At the top of the dispensary is a 21 foot giant concrete Kirshna as a marker for this amazing building in a section of Bangalore called Girinagar.

For twenty years now the dispensary has been serving the poor in Girinagar Bangalore.  Here are some pictures of its building and opening.

“When Swami Gopal Krishna gives his blessings to a project like this, it is magical.  Not one rupee is wasted and the healing results for the patients are phenomenal … just ask them “

Kannan Ayyar. Original Trustee for the dispensary and Principal benefactor.

Surrounded by some of Bangalores’s poorest localities, at Girinagar lies a modern medical Dispensary giving much needed medical advice and treatments to the poorest of the poor.  The GKS dispensary has been serving the poor free of charge for almost 20 years. At its peak the center was open daily and had a professional set of doctors and nurses.  In addition the center has a blood and urine lab, as well as gynecological services.

“Food , water and good medical treatment should be provided for all people regardless of race, age, or station.  For a great healing atmosphere a medical establishment must have a feeling of love, warmth and caring”
 Swami Gopal Krishna.

At the GKS dispensary this is true and equally as important as the prescriptions themselves.

About Swami Gopal Krishna

In a small part of bangalore Swami Gopal Krishna is making a difference.  A sworn sanyasi since birth, he lives his daily life as an example.  He runs a small temple and adjoining buildings, which provide many free functions and services for all people.  He also has an Ashram in Nitteganda off the Mysore road.

Sai Madarram is a temple where Shirdi Sai Baba and Sathya Sai Baba both are worshipped.  This is a unique mandir where two manifestations of Sai are worshipped at one place. In this temple people of all faiths come and offer worship.  There is no discrimination between sexes and Swami Gopal Krishna extends his unbounded love to all human beings and living creatures.  Sai Mandaram is located in the peaceful and well developed locales of Girinagar,  All are welcome in the Sai in the Sai Mandiram and Swami Gopal Krishna helps all devotees who come with suffering to achieve mental and emotional peace.  People who suffer from mental illnesses, physical ailments, financial difficulties etc. come here and derive satisfaction.  Swami Gopal Krishna attributes this success to the divine Love of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

Treatments offered by the GKS Dispensary

At the GKS Dispensary we commonly treat malnutrition with vitamin and mineral supplements.  We also commonly treat infections, high BP , and intestinal worms.  We offer tests and treatments for venerial disease, malaria, typhoid and TB.

We also identify and treat upper respiratory infections and debilitating illnesses like hypertension, diabetes, mellitus and others.

We offer vaccinations including :
Oral Polio
DPT (Diptheria Perussis Tetanus)
IT – Tetanus Toxide
Hepatitis B

We educate the poor on birth control education and provide counseling.

Lab Tests Offered

Urine Routine, Hemoglobin percentage, HIV, Hbasg (Hepatitis B), VDRL (syphilys), Widel (Typhoid), PBS (peropheral blood smear for Malarial parasites), Pregnancy detection, Blood sugar

Location of the GKS Diespensary
Sri Sai Mandiram
NO 1265 8th “B” Cross
1st “E” Main, 2nd Phase
Girinagar, Bangalore 560 085 India
Phone +91 90 672-0863

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