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Unstoppable course

WOW Sessions

In America we have so many advantages but the problems I see with our culture have really started to bother me. We are so technologically advanced but we have lost sight of all spiritual traditions and rituals. We have started a 250 year experiment in what happens when we place things in front of people and a spiritual context.

Our babies are pregnant, kids are taking guns to school and massacring each other, our young generation tends to be unhappy, moody, and dangerous. More often than not they are on prozac, ritalin or some other type of drug. There are many examples of murders of school children by their classmates. The answer is not to punish kids as if they were adults. We need to teach kids values. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure !

It is with this backdrop that I put together a six lesson plan meant to teach kids about integrity, loyalty, discipline, and honesty. Each class session relies on movie clips from very well known movies. Currently their are six lessons plans and each one has a role model. Not a sports hero, or a rap singer, or an actor who tend to be the role models of choice by our current culture but a role model who through his / her dedication, love, courage, and persistence has changed the human condition for the better. Here are the lesson plans 

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